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Lesson 1: Why Councils?

Lack of direction or structure in your life, lack of connection in your romantic relationships, or lack of influence in your family. All of these can be devastating. Councils offer easy-to-follow, practical solutions. This is a game-changer. 

Lesson 2: Individual Council

Prevent stress, sadness, and low self-esteem by organizing your life, making goals, and establishing a system for achieving them.

Lesson 3: Couples Council

Growing apart from your partner? No longer in sync, with too much conflict and too little connection. You're going to love this easy system that can help you be more in love than ever!

Lesson 4: Parent-Child Council

You want to influence your kids for good. But sometimes it's hard to know what they're thinking and who they're listening to. Gently, but firmly, assure your place as guide and hero to them. Our parent-child council system will show you how. 

Lesson 5: Family Council

Some families grow apart. Yours doesn't have to. Stay involved in each other’s lives, celebrate one another’s successes, clarify roles, and resolve problems with family councils.

Lesson 6: One-on-Ones

You can meet your child’s specific needs while having a LOT of fun. You can connect and talk in a way that helps them to open up. Here’s how.

Lesson 7: Implementation

The councils systems are specifically designed to be adaptable to your situation. Whether you’re single, married, married-with-children, or a single parent, you can tailor them to your needs.

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