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Lesson 1: Are You Speaking the Same Language?

Even though you and another person may feel love for each other, whether or not you each feel loved and respected by each other depends in large part on your ability to speak each other’s language. Meet each other’s needs. We’ll show you how.

Lesson 2: Words of Affirmation

For some people words speak louder than actions.

Lesson 3: Acts of Service

Lighten someone’s load. Make them comfortable. You love who you serve.

Lesson 4: Gifts

It’s not about materialism. It’s about the thought, the emotion, and knowing what a person needs. Master the gift of gift-giving. Present presents that promote closeness.

Lesson 5: Quality Time

Relationships. Aren’t they about…time? Being together isn’t enough, though. It’s how you’re together that matters in helping someone to feel loved. Know the difference between time and quality time.

Lesson 6: Physical Touch

Making some people feel safe, respected, and adored comes down to the amount of affectionate touch that they receive. This looks different depending on the nature of the relationship. Learn how to do it right.

Lesson 7: Results and Meeting Needs

The four personality types (Dreamer, Healer, Thinker, Closer) all connect to the five love languages in different ways. Mixing the two (personality, love language) will help you to meet a person’s exact needs.

Lesson 8: Five Languages & Four Types

Love languages and personality types mesh in one powerful, need-meeting tool.

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